Manage, Grow & Scale Your Business

"Done For You" and "DIY" options!

Optimize Your Website Conversion

Do you have a website that is designed for getting more leads and converting them into clients? If not, you are leaving money on the table! What does a Lead Generation Website Include?

  • 5 essential pages - Home, About, Services, Reviews, Contact

  • An embedded or pop up form that will collect your website visitors name and email address.

  • An automatic email marketing sequence to keep your business at the top of their mind and inbox.

Add An AI Chatbot to Your Site

I mean, you know it's 2024, right? AI is the biggest thing since the dot com era and it's here to stay - best of all, it can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you by answering questions, booking appointments and even closing sales!

  • Qualify leads and book more appointments!

  • Answer questions about your services and products.

  • Create a support bot to help existing clients!

  • Prevent website visitors from slipping through the cracks!

Deploy Effective Email Automations

There are a number of ways to deploy effective email automations. Sending a newsletters is only one small aspect, you can do better!

  • Compliment your Newsletter with a weekly "Top of Mind" sequence

  • Automate your onboarding, welcome or product tutorial process

  • Re-Activate Old Email Contacts

  • Create a free course and auto send it through an email series.

  • Surprise clients with automatic birthday messages

  • The ways you can use email marketing effectively is endless!

Use Lead Generation Funnels for Customer Acquisition

Struggling with getting new clients and customers? Did you know that building a database of customer contacts is the #1 way to grow your paid customer base?

  • Build "lead magnet" funnels to use in Social Media, to capture potential clients

  • Utilize "free offer" posts in Social Media platforms to collect email and phone numbers.

  • Set up auto-DM responses.

  • Share QR Codes to get customers info

  • No additional costs!

Use SMS (Auto-Texting) for Higher Visibility & Rewarding Repeat Customers

Ever wish you had a way to stay connected to your clients and customers in a more meaningful way? If you don't have a SMS Campaign in place where you can send automatic texts to your customers, it's time to get that in place!

  • Send a "reward" like a free coffee, or a deep discount coupon when they sign up for your text messages.

  • Send announcements, discounts, special events an even birthday specials!

  • Get a 98% open rate - 70% higher than sending email!

  • Keep your customers coming back!

Automate Your Google Reviews!

Manage your reputation by automatically sending requests for your customers and clients to leave a review on Google Your Business listing. Never miss a review and watch how fast they grow!

  • Send a request to clients who have purchased from you.

  • Send a request to past clients who rave about you!

  • Display your reviews on your website!

  • Don't let this powerful way to tell others how good your services are!

Create Your Own Social Media Platform for your own community!

With social media changing from day to day, we never know when we might lose access. After all, we don't own our social media followers, but we can create a social media look alike challenge of our own!

  • 12 months of weekly Zoom meetings for hands on help as you build out your own websites and systems inside our signature platform!

  • Access to video tutorials to help you every step of the way!

  • VIP Support - includes going into your account and correcting issues, and finishing small tasks you're stuck on!

Automate Social Media DM Responses! (What?)

Are you spending time responding to everyone who comments on your Instagram or Facebook Page? It's time to stop, and automate it!

  • Imagine potential customers getting a response immediately!

  • Stop missing important DM's!

  • Our system looks for a "trigger" word that you ask your follows to drop in the comment and they will get the correct response!

  • Easy to set up!

Missing too many calls? Deploy an automatic text back!

How many clients do you lose per month due to missed calls? If you're like most service based business's, you know what I'm talking about! Imagine sending an automatic text to a missed call, and get them booked with you, without even answering!

  • Never miss another call!

  • Stop leaving money on the table and get your missed calls booked for you!

  • Reduce anxiety over worrying about missed calls!

  • Put more money in your pocket every month!

Manage Client Data

Is your contact list unorganized! You have collected names, phone numbers and even emails, but they're scattered between notes, texts, and business cards and you don't even remember why you have them? That needs to stop asap!

  • Organize your leads, important people and sales with an advanced CRM.

  • Keep notes and info on everyone, all in one easy to find place.

  • Keep your brain uncluttered so you can focus on what's important in your business.

Collect Payments and Subscriptions

Set up a professional payment system so your customers and clients can pay online or on mobile.

  • No more scrambling to create invoices, have your link already to go.

  • No more manually collecting monthly payments - set up a subscription with auto-debit.

  • Keep all data in one place

Create a Membership Area to Onboard Staff, New Members and Offer Training Courses!

Our Membership and Community Set up is great for businesses who want to have a protected "membership" portal to train employees, offer training, or even offer customers and clients a place to log in to get product demos and training! Includes a built in "Community" group - much like a Facebook group for collaboration and sharing updates and staff meeting replays

  • Password protected login portal

  • House your trainings, product demos, onboarding videos!

  • Adds a Professional look and feel to your business!

  • Track progress and more!

Stay Compliant

Did you know that email compliant laws changed on Febraury 15th, 2024? If you're a business, emailing bulk email to your email list, you might not know what changed.

  • Email Compliant Records and Verification

  • No longer allowed to use free emails

  • Privacy Policy needs to be in place

  • Terms of Agreement needs to be clear

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